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The Birth of Our Site

Posted on Jan 16, 2009 by Kristjan

The page called About us already contains some information about our site, but I think that it's time to do some informal introduction as well.

My name is Kristjan, I came up with the idea of creating this website. The thought came from my personal need. I was always changing my addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact information because I used to move a lot. I was born in Tartu, Estonia. Then I studied business in Luton, UK. After that I lived in Salamanca, Spain for a short period and now I'm studying mathematics in Manchester, UK.

I was tired of giving my contact information to my friends every time I moved or to new people when I met them. And the sad thing was that it was difficult to use social networking websites because people all over the world are not using the same sites; and furthermore, sometimes it is just not professional enough!

So I wanted to create my personal homepage, but suddenly I realised that probably I am not the only person in the world who would be happy to use some kind of an online business card service. I started collecting ideas and couple of months later the full business plan was ready. Then I contacted my best friend Ivo Kund in Tallinn, Estonia, who happens to be a genius in programming. He really liked the idea and he was instantly on board. His contribution has been all the programming. He has done a perfect job, hasn't he?

Then we needed someone with a small amount of money and some management, accounting and business skills. I turned to Toomas, who graduated Estonian Business School few years ago. It took a little longer to persuade him (those business people :)), but finally he was also on board.

We had lots of brainstorming sessions and then a year of hard work.

We will talk about ourselves later, but that is the short story of the Board.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we love retelling this story.


  • Sep 9 2009, 16:47


    It is the best way to share your contacts with business partners. Thanks

  • Jul 21 2009, 16:01


    Very nice site!

  • Jan 17 2009, 22:09



  • Jan 16 2009, 21:59


    Nice work and good luck to all of you guys! :)

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